Dean's Message 
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matthew malcolm

Welcome to the Faculty of Liberal Arts.

Our calling within UPH is to provide Christ-centered foundations for the education of students from all fields of study. Our conviction is that all students need to learn how to think critically (that is, to engage in philosophy), how to reflect on God knowledgeably (that is, to engage in theology), how to use language articulately (that is, to engage in linguistics), and how to relate maturely in community (that is, to develop life skills). We therefore provide educational foundations in our three departments of philosophy, theology, and language and life skills.

Each of these foundational areas is taught from a Christ-centered perspective. This means that our approach reflects the convictions that:

  • humans are created by God, and called to cultivate God’s creation as God’s beloved image bearers
  • humans are fallen, being marred and influenced by sin
  • humans are offered redemption through Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and rose as Lord over all creation
  • we look forward to the return of Jesus at the time of his consummation of human history

We attempt to teach these foundations in a way that maintains a constant connection both to the lives of the students, and to their educational majors. Our hope is that by providing rigorous Christ-centered foundations in these areas, we will be contributing to the formation of graduates who are not merely proficient, but truly good.



Matthew R. Malcolm, B.Th.(Hons), M.Ed., Ph.D.

Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts