Class Policy  
garis mata
  1. Students must come on time to the class. No more admission into class is allowed after fifteen (15) minutes of late arrival, and the student will be marked absent.
  2. Students must come in proper clothing, according to university policy. Any violation will be treated based on university policy.
  3. Students must switch off their personal electronic devices during class and exam.
  4. 85% of minimum attendance is strictly required before a student can sit for Final Exam.
  5. Students who leave classes by official appointment from the University to partake in national or international competitions on behalf of the university must perform assignments to be given by the lecturer to make up for the missing classes.
  6. Students who engage in cheating and plagiarism during exams, in performing their assignments or in signing class attendance list, will be declared "fail" and may not sit for remedial exams.
  7. Remedial exams may be given to students wih a final grade below the lowest passing grade, on the condition that they meet the required 85% of minimum attendance. The highest mark that students can obtain after remedial exams is the lowest passing grade in their department.
  8. Make-up exams may be held for students who fall ill or mourn the death of a member of their core family on the examination day, provided that the students can authenticate it with a piece of administrative evidence, such the original copy of medical (laboratory) examination reports, hospitalization, or death attestation from the authorities with an original stamp mark, together with an attestation letter from the students' parents.
  9. Students who cannot attend classes because they become the victims of natural disaster and other force majeure will still be considered present and able to attend make-up exams.