Seminar & Workshop
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Seminar on Liberal Arts Education based on Worldview in UPH Global Campus Lippo Village on Indonesian National Education Day
May 2nd, 2017
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Lecturers learning to use Rubrik in curriculum.
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Learning "Alih Wahana" with Prof. Dr. Sapardi Djoko Damono
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gathering alih wahana 1
FLA lecturers are attending education seminar presented by Mrs. Meicky S. Panggabean, M.Pd.
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seminar neuro 01
seminar neuro 03 Seminar on Neurobiology presented by Prof. George Matthew, Executive Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UPH  
Seminar on biblical sexuality in UPH Medan presented by Dean of FLA, Hendra Thamrindinata, S.Si., M.Div.
seminar uph medan
Faith and Learning Integration Forum was conducted twice a month by various lecturers from different fields of study. Here on the picture is Craig Cook, Ph.D when he was presenting about Christianity and Sociology.
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forum 06
Faith and Learning Integration Forum, presented by Dr. Lusiana Idawati about Aesthetics and Christianity.
forum 08
FLA Forum on FLA Vision and Mission
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forum 11
Several short sessions with Dr. Ric Canada, discussing various issues on Reformed Theology and classroom practice for Theology lecturers.  
Dr. Ric Cannada sharing with FLA lecturers on the trending issues and how to deal with them, answering students' questions with biblical perspective, etc.
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gathering 17
Covenant Theology Seminar presented by Dr. Ligon Duncan, Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary, US
September 2nd, 2016