Centralized System of FLA Shepherding Program  
garis mata

Vision Statement

UPH Faculty of Liberal Arts conducts its academic vocation through transforming the life of students in accordance and in the framework of Reformed Worldview.


Mission Statement

In the wholehearted faith on the Biblical teaching of the created-ness of human being in the image and likeness of God endowed with God-given potential in creation, God-preserved potential because of sin, and God-renewed potential because of grace, Faculty of Liberal Arts conducts its academic vocation as a response to the cultural mandate of God, with definite aim:

  • to enable students to comprehend and appropriate the notion of the unity of truth,
  • to create an educational atmosphere in which students can be nurtured morally and spiritually toward Christ-likeness moral and spiritual formation, and
  • to equip and prepare student with analytical, historical and valuing skills, founded upon the conviction that Christ is the Logos of creation, reason, and virtues through the organic interdependence of Religion and Worldview studies, philosophical sciences courses, and life skills and language and with doxological aim of learning as the ultimate goal.

Background Thought

Based on FLA Vision and Mission that emphasize the transforming life through, among all, nurturing students morally and spiri tually toward Christlikeness moral and spiritual formation, FLA will develop and start. Though FLA is a faculty without student, we realize that all UPH students will take FLA course. Thus, it will necessitate the shepherding program to be developed and implemented intentionally. So, not only to fulfill our vision and mission but, through this program, we could also touch student’s heart and nurturing them morally and spiritually so that they could develop Christ-Centered moral and spiritual formation in the framework of Reformed Theology. Actually, all FLA lecturers has been engaging with students directly during these years not only through their lecturer but also through spending time with them outside class either in lunch or in heart-to-heart chatting, forming fellowship, giving voluntary skill training, and etc. Therefore, this centralized program aims at a more systematized, more integrated, and more intentional arrangement of this continuing effort of most FLA lecturers.